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 * nfsd.h   This program implements a user-space NFS server.
 * Authors: Mark A. Shand, May 1988
 *          Rick Sladkey, <jrs@world.std.com>
 *          Fred N. van Kempen, <waltje@uWalt.NL.Mugnet.ORG>
 *          Copyright 1988 Mark A. Shand
 *          This software maybe be used for any purpose provided
 *          the above copyright notice is retained.  It is supplied
 *          as is, with no warranty expressed or implied.

#include "system.h"

#include "mount.h"
#include "nfs_prot.h"
#include "extensions.h"

union argument_types {
      nfs_fh                  nfsproc_getattr_2_arg;
      sattrargs         nfsproc_setattr_2_arg;
      diropargs         nfsproc_lookup_2_arg;
      nfs_fh                  nfsproc_readlink_2_arg;
      readargs          nfsproc_read_2_arg;
      writeargs         nfsproc_write_2_arg;
      createargs        nfsproc_create_2_arg;
      diropargs         nfsproc_remove_2_arg;
      renameargs        nfsproc_rename_2_arg;
      linkargs          nfsproc_link_2_arg;
      symlinkargs       nfsproc_symlink_2_arg;
      createargs        nfsproc_mkdir_2_arg;
      diropargs         nfsproc_rmdir_2_arg;
      readdirargs       nfsproc_readdir_2_arg;
      nfs_fh                  nfsproc_statfs_2_arg;

union result_types {
      attrstat          attrstat;
      diropres          diropres;
      readlinkres       readlinkres;
      readres                 readres;
      nfsstat                 nfsstat;
      readdirres        readdirres;
      statfsres         statfsres;

/* Global variables. */
extern union argument_types   argument;
extern union result_types     result;
extern int              need_reinit;
extern int              need_flush;
extern time_t                 nfs_dispatch_time;

/* Include the other module definitions. */
#include "auth.h"
#include "fh.h"
#include "logging.h"

/* Global Function prototypes. */
extern void nfs_dispatch(struct svc_req *, SVCXPRT *);
extern void mallocfailed(void);
extern nfsstat    fh_getattr(nfs_fh *fh, fattr *attr,
                              struct stat *stat_optimize,
                              struct svc_req *rqstp);
extern nfsstat    fhc_getattr(fhcache *fhc, fattr *attr,
                              struct stat *stat_optimize,
                              struct svc_req *rqstp);
extern nfsstat    fh_setattr(nfs_fh *fh, sattr *attr,
                              struct stat *stat_optimize,
                              struct svc_req *, int flags);
extern nfsstat    setattr(char *path, sattr *attr,
                              struct stat *stat_optimize,
                              struct svc_req *, int flags);
extern RETSIGTYPE reinitialize(int sig);

#define SATTR_STAT            0x01
#define SATTR_CHOWN           0x02
#define SATTR_CHMOD           0x04
#define SATTR_SIZE            0x08
#define SATTR_UTIMES          0x10
#define SATTR_ALL       (~SATTR_STAT)

extern char *     realpath(const char *path, char *resolved_path);
#endif /* HAVE_REALPATH */

extern char *     strerror(int errnum);
#endif /* HAVE_STRERROR */

extern int nfsd_nfsproc_null_2(void *, struct svc_req *);
extern int nfsd_nfsproc_getattr_2(nfs_fh *, struct svc_req *);
extern int nfsd_nfsproc_setattr_2(sattrargs *, struct svc_req *);
extern int nfsd_nfsproc_root_2(void *, struct svc_req *);
extern int nfsd_nfsproc_lookup_2(diropargs *, struct svc_req *);
extern int nfsd_nfsproc_readlink_2(nfs_fh *, struct svc_req *);
extern int nfsd_nfsproc_read_2(readargs *, struct svc_req *);
extern int nfsd_nfsproc_writecache_2(void *, struct svc_req *);
extern int nfsd_nfsproc_write_2(writeargs *, struct svc_req *);
extern int nfsd_nfsproc_create_2(createargs *, struct svc_req *);
extern int nfsd_nfsproc_remove_2(diropargs *, struct svc_req *);
extern int nfsd_nfsproc_rename_2(renameargs *, struct svc_req *);
extern int nfsd_nfsproc_link_2(linkargs *, struct svc_req *);
extern int nfsd_nfsproc_symlink_2(symlinkargs *, struct svc_req *);
extern int nfsd_nfsproc_mkdir_2(createargs *, struct svc_req *);
extern int nfsd_nfsproc_rmdir_2(diropargs *, struct svc_req *);
extern int nfsd_nfsproc_readdir_2(readdirargs *, struct svc_req *);
extern int nfsd_nfsproc_statfs_2(nfs_fh *, struct svc_req *);

/* End of nfsd.h. */

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