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 * auth.h   This module takes care of request authorization.
 * Authors: Mark A. Shand, May 1988
 *          Rick Sladkey, <jrs@world.std.com>
 *          Fred N. van Kempen, <waltje@uWalt.NL.Mugnet.ORG>
 *          Olaf Kirch <okir@monad.swb.de>
 *          Copyright 1988 Mark A. Shand
 *          This software maybe be used for any purpose provided
 *          the above copyright notice is retained.  It is supplied
 *          as is, with no warranty expressed or implied.

/* Global AUTH variables. */
extern int              allow_non_root;
extern int              promiscuous;
extern int              re_export;
extern int              trace_spoof;
extern struct exportnode      *export_list;
extern uid_t                  cred_uid, auth_uid;
extern gid_t                  cred_gid, auth_gid;
extern char *                 public_root_path;
extern struct nfs_fh          public_root;

#if defined(linux) && defined(i386) && !defined(HAVE_SETFSUID)

extern int              have_setfsuid;

 * These externs are set in the dispatcher (dispatch.c) and auth_fh
 * (nfsd.c) so that we can determine access rights, export options,
 * etc. pp.
extern struct nfs_client *    nfsclient;
extern struct nfs_mount *     nfsmount;

 * These are the structures used by the authentication module.
typedef enum {
}     ugid_mapping_t;

typedef struct nfs_options {
      ugid_mapping_t          uidmap;           /* uid/gid mapping behavior */
      int               root_squash;
      int               all_squash;
      int               some_squash;      /* speed up luid() etc. */
      int               secure_port;
      int               read_only;
      int               link_relative;
      int               noaccess;
      int               cross_mounts;
      uid_t             nobody_uid;
      gid_t             nobody_gid;
      char *                  clnt_nisdomain;
} nfs_options;

typedef struct nfs_mount {
      struct nfs_mount *      next;
      struct nfs_mount *      parent;
      struct nfs_client *     client;
      int               length;
      char *                  path;
      nfs_options       o;
      /* Original NFS client */
      struct nfs_client *     origin;
} nfs_mount;

typedef struct nfs_client {
      struct nfs_client *     next;
      struct in_addr          clnt_addr;
      struct in_addr          clnt_mask;
      char *                  clnt_name;
      unsigned short          flags;
      nfs_mount *       m;

       * This is the uid/gid map.
       * See ugid_map.c for details
      struct ugid_map * umap;
} nfs_client;

#define AUTH_CLNT_WILDCARD    0x0001
#define AUTH_CLNT_ANONYMOUS   0x0002
#define AUTH_CLNT_NETGROUP    0x0004
#define AUTH_CLNT_NETMASK     0x0008
#define AUTH_CLNT_DEFAULT     0x0010
#define AUTH_CLNT_AUTOMATIC   0x0020

#ifndef ROOT_UID
#define ROOT_UID        0

#define AUTH_UID_NONE         ((uid_t)-1)
#define AUTH_GID_NONE         ((uid_t)-1)
#define AUTH_UID_NOBODY       ((uid_t)-2)
#define AUTH_GID_NOBODY       ((uid_t)-2)

/* Global Function prototypes. */
extern void       auth_init(char *fname);
extern void       auth_init_lists(void);
extern void   auth_free_lists(void);
extern nfs_client *auth_clnt(struct svc_req *rqstp);
extern nfs_mount  *auth_path(nfs_client *, struct svc_req *, char *);
extern void       auth_user(nfs_mount *, struct svc_req *);

extern nfs_client *auth_get_client(char *);
extern nfs_mount  *auth_match_mount(nfs_client *, char *);
extern nfs_client *auth_known_clientbyname(char *);
extern nfs_client *auth_known_clientbyaddr(struct in_addr);
extern nfs_client *auth_unknown_clientbyaddr(struct in_addr);
extern nfs_client *auth_clientbyaddr(struct in_addr);
extern nfs_client *auth_create_client(const char *, struct hostent *);
extern nfs_client *auth_create_default_client(void);
extern nfs_mount  *auth_add_mount(nfs_client *, char *, int);
extern void       auth_check_all_wildcards(void);
extern void       auth_check_all_netgroups(void);
extern void       auth_check_all_netmasks(void);
extern void   auth_sort_all_mountlists(void);
extern void   auth_log_all(void);

/* This function lets us set our euid/fsuid temporarily */
extern void       auth_override_uid(uid_t);

/* Prototypes for ugidd mapping */
extern uid_t        ruid(uid_t, nfs_mount *, struct svc_req *);
extern gid_t        rgid(gid_t, nfs_mount *, struct svc_req *);
extern uid_t        luid(uid_t, nfs_mount *, struct svc_req *);
extern gid_t        lgid(gid_t, nfs_mount *, struct svc_req *);
extern void   ugid_free_map(struct ugid_map *);
extern void   ugid_squash_uids(nfs_mount *, uid_t lo, uid_t hi);
extern void   ugid_squash_gids(nfs_mount *, gid_t lo, gid_t hi);
extern void   ugid_map_uid(nfs_mount *, uid_t fm, uid_t to);
extern void   ugid_map_gid(nfs_mount *, gid_t fm, gid_t to);

/* End of auth.h. */

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